Most consumers don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to their essential services bills, but we do. Not all service plans are created equal, and the biggest differences aren’t usually the plan details, but the people selling the services. ICON Global was founded on the principle that we, a team of experts, could make essential services simpler and more accessible.

We believe transparency pays dividends. You should be able to make a fully-informed decision, and we’re happy to invest our time with you to help achieve this. We want to be your guide, educate you and then help you make the right choice for your needs. You’re never in the dark with us; we’ll always give you all the information about your options. At ICON Global, we are fully committed to you.


We’re a team built on the power of collaboration, not a group of individuals pulling in different directions. At ICON Global, each member believes in the strength of community. Together, we leverage an innovative spirit to find real, attainable essential services solutions for you.

All of our experts are experienced and well-equipped, but as strong as we all are individual, we’re even stronger together. Our awesome team dynamic enables us to stay cutting edge in a constantly changing business environment. With the power of deregulation we are able to provide the same services we all know, trust, and love, but with more value, more perks, and unique benefits to our clients.