Everyone has to pay these bills.

The telecommunications, energy, and payment processing industries are among the highest revenue producing industries in the world. Combined, globally they account for over a trillion dollars in revenue annually. This is because of 3 simple reasons:

They are recession proof industries. Does not matter if you live in a mansion, or a shack, every day you will check your Facebook account on your cell phone. You will use electricity or natural gas to heat your home, cook your food, and take a hot shower. And how would you be viewing this website if you didn’t have internet? Everyone will use these services every day their entire life.
You can not pay them off. Sure, you can pay off this month’s bill, but you will definitely receive another next month. Every month your entire life you will pay for these services.
The service providers are well aware of the necessity of these services for everyday living. So every year they are increasing their prices, and this will never stop.

These 3 reasons make it very clear why these industries are not only some of the largest revenue producing industries but also why they will continue to grow in revenue every single year. At ICON Global we are aware of this and have made it our mission to assist families with competitive prices, unique benefits for customers, but most of all, world-class customer service for every single customer acquired.

We know paying monthly bills can be frustrating, so we bring the best customer experience in these industries.